Live Painting

Come have Pink Panda live paint at your next indoor or outdoor event! Mediums she enjoy working with include: acrylics, chalk, spray paint and/or UV reactive paint. Only the highest quality products are used. She enjoys engaging with the audience while creating a unique piece of art right before your eyes.
Live Painting – skate decks, canvases, pavement, an 8’ x 12’ pop-up wall, or pretty much anything else you want.  
Please contact her for further details and a free quote!

“Pink Panda impressed us with her live painting that not only fit her brand but ours too. Nuit Blanche was our busiest day ever and Pink Panda’s art lit up the night acting as a beacon that was impossible to miss. Everyone walking by stopped to admire the process.”

Colin Enquist
Sales & Marketing Manager
PEG Beer Co., Winnipeg, MB  Canada

“Cathleen, Pink Panda  has been a part of the Annual Grand Beach Sandcastle Competition the last two years with her fantastic chalk art on the boardwalk. It has enhanced the event and brought an appreciation for this art form to a group of individuals that have shown enthusiasm and admiration for this art. Cathleen will always be a part of this event and we hope you have the opportunity to make it to Grand Beach to see her great work.“

Patrick Petrucka
Event Organizer for Annual Grand Beach Sandcastle Competition
Grand Marais, MB  Canada

Cathleen Hues/ Pink Panda Creative,
“Thank you so much for your assistance with The Electric Donkey Run events over the past few years. You did an excellent job creating original LIVE black light art that was a big part of the event success and the participants experience. I am always impressed with your organization, execution and amazing creativity."

John Ford
Race Director
Winnipeg, MB  Canada

Top Photo credit: Kelly Morton Photography

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