A custom paint job on a brand new crocodile walker.
The original colour was a solid orange so I had to sand it off first before using various spray paint colours. Then I hand painted all the flowers and vines with acrylics which wrapped around the entire piece before sealing it off with a protective varnish. Client was super happy and loves cruising around in her new ride.

In 2019, Pink Panda covered our daughter's walker in beautiful artwork. When we got it back, we were speechless. It was perfect. The intricate details, the blending of colours and the quality of work blew us away. Our daughter loved it. She was proud to take it to school. This really helped her accept the fact that she needed to use the walker and, if I'm being honest, I think she felt like a bit of a rockstar :) Two years on, it looks as good as it did the day we got it. We can't thank Pink Panda enough. Not only did she create a beautiful piece of art, she also helped a little girl with her confidence.

-Angela and Sam Jajetovic


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