Art Workshops

Come have Pink Panda host an art workshop. A great idea for a birthday party and team building. They have facilitated as a guest artist at schools, organizations, events and summer camps. Outdoor and indoor workshops are available and can be tailored to your needs. Art workshops are suitable for all ages.
Past Workshops include: Intro to spray painting, custom skate deck painting, black light painting, chalking, mindfulness with art and more.
If you'd like Pink Panda to host an art workshop, feel free to contact them for further details.

“Pink Panda is an amazing teacher and mentor for our youth at MAD camp who is patient and kind while teaching workshops.”

Alannah Klimenko
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba

“ Pink Panda was a guest at my art camp for kids for the last two summers. I could not be happier having Cat join us! They totally inspired the campers with their incredible art, and created an amazing workshop for kids ages 4-12! Cat brought a unique project for each group in an inclusive, approachable, fun way that my students still talk about months later. Thank you Pink Panda!”

Jill McGillivray
Artist and Art Educator

“Pink Panda is an amazing artist who enthusiastically shared their talent with youth from our organization. They explained the medium (of aerosol paint) very well, and encouraged participants to experiment with it. Pink Panda came prepared for anything, and patiently guided participants in their creativity.  Of all the artists I’ve worked with, Pink Panda was by far the best and most engaging group facilitator.”
Jamee Barr
Team Leader / Case Manager
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